What to cook from a pumpkin? Recipes with pumpkin. Roasted pumpkin.


What to cook a pumpkin. Dishes from pumpkin. Roasted pumpkin. My Channel: Recipes cooking pumpkin a lot, I suggest you try one of them — fried pumpkin in a pan. This dish is prepared quickly and easily, and what it tastes, you will learn if you cook it. In addition Pumpkin is very useful and has many recipes.Secret fried pumpkin is that it would be happy to tuck into both cheeks, even the most ardent opponents of the orange fruit. The taste of roasted pumpkin recalls the great taste of fried zucchini than their own — a pumpkin.So, prepare the pumpkin, roasted pumpkin.Finely chop the pumpkin into pieces of any size with a thickness of 5mm. to 1 cm.Mix salted and prepared pieces. About an hour later, when let the pumpkin juice, drain it, at the request of the pumpkin pepper and roll each piece in flour.Preheat a frying pan vegetable oil, put on her pumpkin pieces and sauté over medium heat on both sides until pale brown. Readiness can be determined by piercing the pumpkin with a fork or wooden skewer.If the pumpkin was cut into thick and does not fry inside, do not worry — put it in the oven until cooked.If you have nothing to chop garlic, it does not matter. Attach the knife on top of garlic and crushed his hand. Crush all the garlic and then chop it with a knife.If you intend to use as a garnish fried pumpkin, place the garlic, parsley and dill in a bowl with the finished pumpkin and gently mix everything.Other tasty pumpkin recipes you find on my channel.Homemade delicious and simple recipes can be cooked quickly, of course, if you have the desire. Subscribe to the channel, and you will always have something to surprise and please their friends and relatives who are not averse to eat delicious! Recipes baking in the oven, the first and second class dishes, cold appetizers and salads, the preparation of which is available to each of you, you can find the weekly on my channel.You will have your delicious recipes that you can cook for the holiday table.

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