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Begin with the body paragraphs or write from introduction through to conclusion. You will probably find it easier to begin with body paragraphs when you are developing your ideas and analysis and practising your writing. When you are more confident, you may start writing from introduction through to conclusion. This is something you must practise if you want to be prepared for essays in exams. What are these strategies: Strategy 1: Begin with body paragraphs and topic sentences. Some students find it easier to flesh out the arguments around specific ideas first. This is a useful method for students who aren’t sure of how their ideas might fit together, or who struggle writing conclusions.

This method requires students to: Use their rough topic sentences from the mind-map to write their body paragraphs; See how their paragraphs develop an argument logically together; Order them appropriately for a logical argument; Write the introduction; Write the conclusion. Strategy 2: Start from the introduction and write through to the conclusion. Some students are able to write from an introduction and develop their ideas directly into body paragraphs. This is a skill all students need to have for exams.

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