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They say to the reader, “Remember that idea from the introduction? We’re going to discuss it in detail in this paragraph.” The other signposting device is the linking statement at the end of the body paragraph. This will connect your argument back to the rest of the essay and make the connection clear to your reader. Repetition.

An essay needs to take all of a student’s ideas and study notes and translate them into a logical and well-structured response that shows the reader your understanding and perspective of the text. There’s a step-by-step process for doing this effectively, let’s have a look at it. Below is the process for writing an essay at home or in class: Flowchart: The process for writing an essay. You can see that this process is different to what you need to do in an exam. In an exam time constraints mean that you must begin with the introduction and work forwards to your conclusion. However, when you are developing your ideas, writing practice essays, or producing a longer essay as an assignment, you will plan your introduction and refine your body paragraphs before crafting the perfect introduction for your argument. In light of this difference, we will address exam essay technique after this step-by-step process.

Step 1: Unpack the Question. Planning an essay is a step-by-step process. Students need to think things through before they put pen to paper. Having thorough study notes is crucial to this.

Use this as an opportunity to brainstorm and choose relevant examples, you must also think about the structure you will use for your response. Pick your examples – You need 3-4 examples to support your argument in a body paragraph. because you have your notes in tables, these examples are easy to find. Mind-map your essay – Draw a map that connects your rough thesis to your themes and examples.

This will give you an outline of your essay scaffold. You will be able to see what structure will work best for your question! There’s a student mind-map below: Image: A Student’s Mindmap. Choose between a divided or integrated structure – You need to decide whether to write a divided response that addresses a pair (or more) of texts in one paragraph, or to contrast text specific paragraphs against each other. There are pros and cons to each approach. We will discuss this in detail in Step 3, next. Edit, or redraft your mind-map – If you’re not happy with your map, edit it or redraft it completely.

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